"New Year, New ME"

The idea of a new year, and a new me is something I really have come to idealize leading up to 2019 and continuing these couple of days into it. Let me begin by taking two long steps backwards to 2016. I started working on a brick and mortar business with the goal of it being a communal destination where all walks of life could meet and hang out- and shop. No judgment. Everyone welcome. And finally, the product of my blood, sweat and tears was real; Little Shop of Hoarders opened in September of 2017.

This shop was an art installation from floors to ceilings with colorful murals and mannequins and loud music. Racks of vintage clothing and original works of arts, crafts, and jewelry all brought in by local artists. People were drawn in from the street curious about the strange light hangings in the windows.. They would walk in and say, “What is this place??”. They would leave feeling inspired. What a victory.

This was just the beginning, I thought. In retrospect so true. However, my lease was ending, and things weren’t working out on the business spectrum between the landlord and I. We could not negotiate. Agreements that had been made were no longer being honored. Back and forth emails. Constantly on the phone fighting for my businesses home. When I had come to the realization that there was no room for negotiation in the given situation, I had 18 hours left on the lease. I had no choice but to pack up and leave.

By the end date of October 31, 2017, Little Shop of Hoarders disappeared. Days grew into weeks, and weeks grew into months searching for a new location- and let’s be real.. It had to be the perfect location. I didn’t want to be forgotten so I popped-up every chance that I could. This is back breaking work, let me tell you. Almost all of my pop-ups were at bars: The Bug Jar being the most popular of them all. In that year of hiatus I was really able to reinvent my business plan. The more I searched for a new location, the stronger and more confident I became as a business woman. I came close to a couple of different spaces, one of which was a dream! Ironically, it was also a trap. One thing that really moves me and will move me forever are strangers who will do anything to help others succeed. They are like the atmosphere, holding the earth together. I have always held a strong belief that we, as people, should always be the best that we can be towards one another. Sharing knowledge will only lead our community to grow! Remember that!! The fact that so many strangers gave up their time to listen to me, and to mentor me, really, really, means the world to me. These mentors have given me a certain kind of drive to never give up. These are the people who really shaped me into the strong and confident business woman I am today.

That being said, I submitted an application today for a new space. I’m anxious awaiting further notice, and manifesting positive YES vibes in the mean time. If all goes to plan, save the date, because February 9th is around the corner. February 9th is the second Saturday. Easy to remember. ….February 9th..

My family! My friends! The supporters and followers of Little Shop of Hoarders!! Everyone keeps me moving, and as I continue with this endeavor, I won’t quit, no matter what. This past year was all about growth and networking and meeting new people, it was about reinventing and piggybacking off of old ideas, and most importantly it was about creating new things! I do feel like a new me, and it may have taken the entire year of 2018 to really work up to it, but here I am and I won’t stop!



********I just want to mention all of the helping hands that made the first Little Shop of Hoarders!! So many people helped!!!!!!********

Thank You: Sim, Mom, Dad, Chrissy, Ed Fix, LB, Elliot Saturn, Aarie Hunny, Trevor Lake, Kate Skully, Nick Radar, Mikey, Beefus, Ingram, Tom, Greg Bales, Derrick, Mariya, Brian Blatt, Cam, Kara Teig, Danny, Clay, Shane, Danny, Scrode & Stinky

Move Out Crew Thank You: Beefus, Adam Quinn, LB, Adeline, Mom, Dad, Alex Vasile, Alyssa, Joel Dow


Monika Ludwinek