Welcome to the shop.

Whether it be jewelry or craft, it's unique and one of a kind because it was made with your heart and your energy.

Apply below. Sell the things you make! It's easy. Pop up for Second Saturday at a rate of twenty-five dollars. Pay in advance for four months, get the fifth month free.

Not trying to sell anything you've made? Perhaps I can redirect you here.


gallery art

How it works:

  • The opening of your exhibition will be on the second Saturday of the month.

  • Your art will be displayed in the shop for the duration of four weeks.

  • A commission of thirty percent will be taken out of the final selling price of any and all pieces sold and kept by Little Shop of Hoarders

Apply below. No deposit required for a Gallery Art Application.



It is up to our discretion in making our decisions to accept or reject applications. 



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If you choose to no longer sell what you make, that's fine. A notice of thirty days would be appreciated.